SS 2018 COLLECTION - Lookbook Shoot


On a hot, humid June day in a Chelsea studio, TWOWAYS team, photographer Carolyne Teston and models Karina and Lily all came together to shoot the first TWOWAYS collection. The atmosphere was heavy with creativity as ideas flew freely amongst the team, floating about the studio like little warm clouds of possibility. Lily and Karina both wore each garment beautifully and posed with confidence, poetry, and refinement, collaborating with team and Carolyne throughout the entire shoot.

There was a playfulness on set as Designers would run up to tweak the garments before each shot – she’d flip it around or turn it inside out. Being fun and inventive, yet still incredibly comfortable and elegant, the clothes set the tone for the symbiotic shoot day.

Because the TWOWAYS silhouettes lend to ample imagination, makeup and hair were kept beautifully minimal, natural and effortless. The shooting ended with a transition from the studio to the outdoors below, the warm city air breathed a new quiet grace into the imagery, and the shoot concluded in the same dreamy way that it began.

The success of the first collection’s lookbook shoot seemed to be a direct reflection of everything TWOWAYS stands for — the duality of whimsy and grace, confidence, and creativity.